Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Snafu

I've run into a tiny problem while making the latest set of pendants. Nothing major but I've got to go get something to fix it. It may take a bit longer to get the pendants finished as a result.

I have also run into a supply problem. The local store here where I buy the bezels has run out of several of the pendant shapes that I was buying and they don't plan to reorder until January/February. This causes a problem for me to be able to get anyone pendants before Christmas that wanted them. I have contacted the manufacturer of the bezels directly in the hopes of ordering them straight from them but no such luck (so far).

I am doing my best to get the pendants made in time for Christmas to those of you who requested them but I just wanted to make you aware of these problems I was having. I hope you will understand. I will definitely get them to you just as soon as I have them finished! *it just may not be in time for Christmas*