Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As of right now, I have to admit that the making of pendants is at a complete standstill. I have talked with the lady at the shop where I purchase the bezels to make the pendants and she is more than happy to work with me and place orders for what I need. The problem is that at the moment I cannot afford to purchase a large order of the bezels and she needs me to place a large order (like 100 bezels) before she will order them for me. I actually would like to order more than just 1 or 2 bezels at a time or purchase 1 or 2 bezels at a time so that I have a good stock of them to be able to make them for everyone. However, I just can't afford that at the moment. So, for the time being, I will be going whenever I have a little extra cash to buy whatever shape I need in the meantime. And that's assuming that she restocks any time soon *which she has not done since before Christmas*.

I wish that I had better news. We are expecting a *bonus* soon (like in the next 3 months) and so I will be able to get them then. Until then, thanks for being so very patient about things.


  1. Will you please put up a pay pal thingie.... I would LOVE to help!!!!!

  2. Celia, how much do the bezels cost? I'm sure some of us are willing to help!